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Destiny B. James 


Destiny B. James is a Graphic Designer from Holly Springs, MS. Growing up, Destiny always had a passion for computers and technology. 

Destiny attended Holly Springs High School, where she was apart of the Business, Economics, and Technology Center. She graduated from Holly High as Summa Cum Laude.


Destiny started her business, "The Br3Print", the summer of 2020. The name is inspired by Destiny's brilliance, advanced techy skills, and her creative mind. Her business instantly took off within a month of launching and continues to expand on a daily. Destiny is constantly seeking new, creative ways for expanding her business. Hoping to one-day have one of the top graphic design companies in the industry.   

Destiny aims to provide each of her customers with professional customer service, provide high-quality graphic design products in a timely manner, and become the most successful entrepreneur she can possibly be.