The website revamp is a makeover of your website from the home page to the checkout page! This gives your website a refreshing look and feel to it. 

Clients MUST already have a current website, hosting plan, and domain already in place to qualify for a revamped website design.



Website revamps are designed with Wix OR Shopify ONLY!

Clients MUST purchase a hosting plan, domain and a theme (Shopify) before any work can begin on their website.

1. WIX: Clients must provide their Wix account login information (email and password) / Domain setup and login information.

2. SHOPIFY: Clients must provide their Shopify store URL (example:

4 pages full-page layouts of clients' choice will be revamped (Examples: Home, Shop, About, Contact, etc.) More pages can be revamped for an additional cost.

Inventory/Service upload (up to 10 products or 10 services)

New color scheme (if applicable)

New Graphic Banners, Slideshows, and/or Decorated Photos

Social Media Integration Links

Mobile Compatibility

Light-box/pop-up revamp

Website Mockup Revamp/Relaunch Flyer (if requested)

Up to 5 edits (additional edits result in an additional fee of $10 per edit)

Anything extra that you may need on your site please inform me in the email.



Account login information (email and password) / Domain setup and login information must be provided to the designer before any work can be started.

Additional pages/tabs can be purchased for $45 per page/tab.

If hosting is through Shopify, a theme must be purchased before any work can begin on your website. If no theme is purchased a free theme will be chosen by the designer.

Your domain, hosting subscription, and payment methods for customers to use on your site are all done by you. Everything else is done by the designer.

Stock image use: Don't have any high-quality images to use for your banner? No problem! We'll provide up to 5 stock images for a $50 fee. These can give you that flawless, professional looking banner, without the hassle of obtaining your own images or using low-resolution images & screenshots. PLEASE BE AWARE CERTAIN STOCK PHOTOS CAN NOT BE USED FOR PRODUCT PHOTOS. This option must be added when placing your order!

If you do not already have a domain (URL) we recommend using, as it is the cheapest. Once your domain is purchased, you MUST provide the login for your account. Domains can NOT be set up on a Wix account until you purchase a subscription with Wix. Your hosting package will not need to be purchased until the site is transferred.

It is REQUIRED that you provide high-quality photos to go on your website, it creates the professional look we aim for at The Br3Print. Screenshots or pixelated photos will NOT be accepted.



This design does not include domain, hosting and theme (Shopify) fees; they are required to be paid separately and prior to website customization.


Please visit the website checklist, to ensure you have all you need for your site to be designed. A link is located at the bottom of the screen also


**If you have any questions about your website, feel free to email me during business hours.**

Website Br3Vamp

  • After completing your purchase, a Website form will be sent to you within 1 - 2 business days. Please complete the form within 2 - 3 business days so the design process can begin. ALL INFORMATION MUST BE SUBMITTED WITHIN 3 BUSINESS DAYS OF RECEIVING FORM.

    A consultation call is also required after purchase and form completion so that we can get a clear understanding of your vision.